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What? Juhi Chawla anti-5G plea has been rejected, let’s see how netizens are ratifying it

Juhi Chawla request regarding the 5G network’s bad effects on beings has been discarded by Delhi High Court. Well we shall see how the people are reacting to it.

Hey Twitter! We love you. There are multiple logical reasons to define your worth. But, the most vital of all is your greatest quality of presenting the most serious stuff in extremely funny way.

Read Actress Juhi Chawla stands up against the unhealthy impacts of the upcoming 5G network

Yes, that’s totally true and evertine something goes viral, we can’t resist ourselves scrolling this microblogging site for hours. Furthermore, a similar fever is striking the netizens.

Since Juhi Chawla filed the case regarding the concern to human beings and the environment if 5G network will be installed in the country, we waited for the result to come keeping our eyes and ears open.

And now, after the court has dismissed the complaint and has also charged the actress with a Rs 20 Lakhs penalty, we are surprised. Not only this, but they have also interpreted this as a publicity stunt.

Now let’s get back to what we were talking about in the beginning. Yes, the social media enthusiast has again got a reason to laugh upon and they seem ceaseless. Let’s see how the world is responding to the decisions.

Attention! You can die laughing after seeing this meme. A user wants to pull your attention to how unfaithful Juhi Chawla is (on a funny note). The High court does not trust her because she is the one who ads for Kesh King (hair oil that guarantees to regrow hair) though her husband on the other hand is bald.

Regardless, if you are still giggling, have a look at this picture showing how Chawla would be feeling after plea was rejected.

Wait for a little, watch her another reaction from the movie Hum Hain Raahi Pyar Ke where she lip-synced the song ‘Wo Meri Neend Mera Chain Muje Lauta Do’. Yup, she must be singing this only right now.

Have you watched stand-up comedies? If yes, them this Abhishek Upmanyu meme must be your favorite. Have a look at what Delhi High Court has to respond to after lending the decision.

So, what are your personal views on the case. Whether you supported the actor or you are happy with the judgment of the court. You are free to share your views with us.

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