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The Disciple is a simply knitted emotional tale into struggles of our own confrontations

The Disciple is trending all over. Every time we jump to a niche and it speaks of the symphonies of the movie and director Chaitanya Tamhane. So let’s look upon the facts that are making it so special.

The Disciple has become the talk of the town. The Marathi musical drama brings the audience back to the times of Gharanas and classical music.

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But behind all the stuff are struggles and admiration towards the actions. Indian Classical music has its significance. Nothing can be compared to its smoothness and calm.

We have already seen such fortes in the series Bandish Bandits. But this is totally different. Let’s see why we are loving this so much.

Our hero Sharad Nerulkar is a boy in his 24 year of age and wants to ace the art of Indian classical music. Though he has some type of self-doubt whether he would be able to achieve the excellency or not.

The one who plays his guru is none other than Arun Dravid. We see his student in different phases of life as he is going through multiple dilemmas. Be it his love for other sport or the other inner fights he confronts, everything has been decided wholly.

Well, the best part is the changes that go simultaneously with the scenes. The differentiating times, and replacing the old phone with the smart ones are some of the things that catch our attention.

Meanwhile, the ailing guru Pandit Vinayak Pradhan has got some agendas to teach him music well. Later on, continuing the legacy, Nerulkar decides to teach music in the school.

It beautifully shows the struggle and deep insights into the troubles that we think are small but they are acutely not. From the protagonists struggle to his tendency to hold pressure are worth commendable.

We have already seen Court by the same director. Recently, The Disciple star Vira Sathidar has passed away. We have not gotten over the loss but this can be an option to feel the same essence.

Besides everyone comes Maai. The one who we can’t see but we have to listen to carefully what all things are about. However, the voice has been given by Sumitra Bhave.

The movie is directed by Chaitanya Tamhane and is produced by Vivek Gamber. It is streaming now on Netflix from the 30th of April.

If you have not seen it, we will suggest you that it is a must-watch. Don’t waste your precious moments and go have a look at it. I bet you will be liking it the same as others.

Rashi Rai

Rashi Rai, an Edu-facilitator, having an interest in writing and exploring the beautiful places. She if from Bhopal who is seeking more opportunities in every creative stuff. Being an educator she like to see things from philosophical aspect.

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