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Netizens have got another hero to make them go ROFL in Family Man’s Chellam Sir

Chellam sir played by Uday Mahesh in the second installment of Family Man is becoming the audience’s favorite. Watch what the people have to say about it. Plus, they are asking for a season 3 featuring him as the lead.

The duration your character gets on the screen doesn’t matter. What is important is the effect you have left on the audience in those minutes. This is the best advice an artist can get as an inspiration and to enrich his work.

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A similar effect is being reflected by this veteran with his few minutes presence. Do you know him? If you have watched the recent release Family Man Season 2 you must recognize him. He is none other than Chellam sir.

Trust us this retired Indian agent portrayed by the Tamil actor Uday Mahesh has become the talk of the town. Our citizens are seriously not getting enough of him. His is being decently trending and the social media users are chuckling at the fabulous memes he is the hero of.

Let’s see what the people all around are discussing about.

You are stuck in the middle of a thing and are curious to ask about it. Who you would go to? Well, I think we all prefer Google Baba for solving our queries. But giving him rivalry Chellam sir has finally arrived. And seriously, we don’t goggle it, we will start chellam it.

Remember our prodigy Professor from the thrilling series Money Heist. How brilliantly he guided his team to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. This man is playing some of his kind of game it seems. Who you are loving more? Sergio or Chellam sir.

Have a look at the below meme. Meanwhile, god was creating Google, he knew this will won’t work without the internet. And then he created the perfect agent who doesn’t require the source to search for things.

COVID19 has taken our calm and still, we are exploring its secrets. But the netizens are confident enough to explain that he is the only one who knows how and what about the deadly virus.

The PM care fund is still confidential for us. We don’t know where the money has been used that people donated there. Now, you very well know whom to call for to find the answers.

Mirzapur fans are all advanced if they know who this aged man is. This chacha and Chellam sir are the seasoned ones we will cherish surely.

Family Man Season 2 stars Manoj Bajpayee, Samantha Akkineni, Priyamani, and Sharib Toshi in the prominent roles. Bajpayee plays an Intelligence Officer and is stuck between the work and life balance.

It is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Go and have a look because everyone is talking about it and we know it is will be as good as the previous one.

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