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Neha Dhupia depicts things are much darker than they seem via ‘Step Out’

Neha Dhupia has taken the audience to a room of secrecy more precisely to a thrilling standpoint of the lockdown period via her new short film Step Out. Well, she says in a session opinionated regarding the signs of abuse.

Neha Dhupia has scrutinized the minute particles that lead to a man turning human or gold tarnishing into diamond through her newest short film titled ‘Step Out‘. The film unveils how the victims rise and shine after devastating days.

Also starring Dev Dutt as the depressed patient, Dhupia portrays a psychiatrist named Dr.Rekha who herself despite undergoing a lot of sufferings not loses the tiger spirit and takes Dutt’s online therapy session.

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The ten minutes forth seconds clip starts with a video conferencing while Krish (Dutt) speaks of the hardships of his life because of his own family amidst the lockdown. He denies everyone saying it’s not his fault that in this outbreak events are not getting organized.

However, the brutal realities of the cognitive states of the Homo Sapiens have been taken specifically into consideration. No doubt, the skirmishes in relations spoils the stability of mind but we need to get up, be stronger and withstand every obstacle.

Our actions should speak more than our words, this is what is depicted correctly by the short film. Life is nothing without hurdles but one needs to overcome them at any cost to reach the zenith.

Presented by Big Girl Studios and Strangelove Studios, it has been jotted down and directed by Hridaye A. Nagpal efficiently. However, the deepest dialogues are a work of Rishi Virmani.

Following, the Singh Is King actress conveyed some signs of abuse in a round with the ‘We Are Yuvva’ channel. She cited abuse besides being emotional and physical both could exist between any relationship despite deeming genders.

Listing all the traits of an abuse she mentioned discomfort of the person in the room, using rough language continuously and getting noticeably unhappier over time are some signs of enduring abuse.

Though, if you haven’t watched the unbelievable digital stuff we’ll suggest, you shouldn’t miss it. Plus, do tell us your comments on this. Stay connected.

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