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‘Moving out 101’ brings Ashish Chanchlani and Arjun Kapoor together to lift the Lahore house in the best way possible

If you have watched Sardar Ka grandson, you can completely relate to it. Yes, this amazing Netflix video features Arjun Kapoor and Ashish Chanchlani and we can’t get enough of it.

After setting fire on YouTube with their vines and punchlines, the YouTubers are diverting their directions towards digital platforms. They are collaborating and discovering other funny facets.

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Following this, viner Ashish Chanchlani is back with another video on Netflix. And this time he has united with Arjun Kapoor who recently starred in ‘Sardar Ka Grandson’.

The comedy-drama is based on a young man Amreek Singh who wants to fulfill the wish of his grandmother. Well, the wish is to revisit her home in Lahore. Though, the way Singh selects for ‘home is coming’ is extremely unique.

However, more funny is Arjun starring in this freshest episode of Netflix titled Moving 101. Let’s see who is helping him out here.

Moving out 101 Ashish Chanchlani Netflix Video

  1. Sattu Bhaiya

Yup, this notorious gangster from the dark comedy Ludo has come forward to help out Arjun. The actor sees an advertisement of ‘Sattu Ki Dukan in the newspaper and calls him seeking some assistance.

Well, this crazy being assumes everything hilarious and asks him to talk in Shahrukh Khan’s voice. He asked back, in which accent, DDLJ’s or Darr. He literally chooses the former one.

And it doesn’t mean, Kapoor didn’t try. He tried well to illustrate ‘bade bade shehrron me chotw chote ghr move hote rehte hain’, but he couldn’t and regrets.

However, Sattu Bhaiya as usual starts talking gibberish leading to no conclusion.

2. Professor

Yup, Ashish is in all forms portraying Professor from ‘La Casa Da Patiala’. Strange name, right. Though, you must laugh rolling on the floor because this is the bestest part.

When the Ishaqzaade actor attempts to explain where he got his number. The genius man stops him midway saying ‘that’s not important’.

Competing with this ‘English dubbed’ version of Money heist, Kapoor puts forward his ‘Lahore to Pakistan -Home-70- years -old’ in a stammering way, the Professor tells him Tokyo will sneak into a tunnel. Exactly, the typical stealing manner we all are fans of.

Adequately, when his hydraulic strategies and distraction policies seem useless, Arjun cuts the call. Do you know what he will do? Nothing, just asking Rio to trace the call. Politely, we are surely waiting for the next season of Money Heist to arrive.

3. Pablo Escobar

Remember Netflix’s crime drama Narcos. It’s the central character, Pablo Escobar who is there to deal with the things in just one question. That is ‘money or dead’. Chanchlani has little disappointed us a little playing Escobar.

Furthermore, they’re short and direct conversations we are watching are total fun. The most hilarious part is Pablo asking Kapoor what is the weight of the shipment. A house precisely, well how we can answer such a question, right.

If you have not watched it yet, go and have a sneak peek. And you are surely dying after laughing million ways.

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