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Get ready to go mad with Friends: The Reunion on this 27th, streaming only on HBO Max

Friends: The Reunion is soon striking on HBO Max on the 27th of May. Our anticipation will soon be quenched with fun and entertainment.

Whenever anyone talks about friendship fun, it’s the American sitcom Friends that jumps instantly in our brains. We have our heads over heels for Rachel and her crazy companions.

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And now, after completing 10 seasons with 236 episodes in the year 2004, the team is reaching the audience this month with Friends: The Reunion. Though, we need to ask how the fans would be feeling right now.

Created by Martha Kauffman and David Crane, the comedy-drama is immensely popular among the millennials and gen – Z both. The comedic adventures are all worth binge-watching.

We shall grab all the details to know about it, let’s proceed.

What about the initial glimpse?

The makers have unearthed the first gaze into the fresh episode two days ago. All the six chums are alongside by side together as they give us a sense of nostalgia. Well, the shady background is completely chilling.

Who all are back?

All of our favorite partners in crime. Yes, the squad including Chandler(Matthew Perry), Joey(Matt Leblanc), Ross ( David Schwimmer), and Phoebe( Lisa Kudrow) will make us roll on the floors laughing. However, Rachel ( Jennifer Aniston), and Monica (Courtney Cox) are not going anywhere.

What about the guest list?

Hold your hearts, I must say. You can’t miss out on the guest catalog. Yes, every person on the list is worth waiting. Our GOT’s Jon Snow aka Kit Harrington will be there. David Beckham and wow, Justin Bieber is joining too.

If you are thinking only these films persons would be there, then I must stop you. Because, Malala Yousafzai and K-pop band has also been invited.

Who’s magic is dissipating ?

Ben Winston the youngest show producer of a late-night show in America has put on the hats to direct the upcoming episode. Moreover, he also backing it along with some of the star cast and Kevin Bright. Marta Kauffman and David Crane has also joined hands in production.

When the wait will be over?

The event titled ‘The One Where They Get Back Together’ is arriving soon on 27th this month. You know where to watch it. Aye, only on HBO Max. So, don’t look lose your mind because you need nowhere to go.

So, what are waiting for? Ohh, yes 27th is a little far away from us. Well, nobody has the patience to wait for this. We want it as fast as possible. And, we would like to hear some of the you excitement in the comments.

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