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Padukone Levi’s ad indicted of ‘intellectual theft’ : Sooni Taraporevala

Deepika Padukone has been accused. For what? Just because of an advertisement for a denim brand. Director Sooni Taraporevala posts her claims. Details here

Actress Deepika Padukone shot for a clothing brand Levi’s and it has put her in a little difficulty. Yes, Yeh Ballet creator Sooni Taraporevala has implicated the makers of plagiarizing.

The filmmaker took to her Instagram handle for sharing what she feels about this. Listing the related pictures she said it is ‘intellectual theft’.

She went on to caption it as “A couple of days ago @cindy_jourdain brought this @levis_in ad to my attention. I was shocked to see our Yeh Ballet dance studio set in this ad, because it was conceptualized & created out of a derelict space by Shailaja Sharma @shalzoid (our PD) from scratch and dismantled after our shoot”.

The assertion says that no such dance studio stands in Mumbai which is why the team has built that. Basically, the director Nadia Marquard Otzen saw Yeh Ballet and decided to plagiarize their set down to the ultimate detail.

The message further added that would Levi’s and the director ever supposed of doing that in the west without consent or acknowledgment, and passing it off as their own creative work.

This is not homage this is intellectual theft she affirmed. It’s so wrong for the wonderful production designer Shailja to have her work ripped off like that.

Copycat means imitating or adopting other works. Indicating this, Taraporevala says the copycat culture in India needs to be called out and discontinued. You would think a foreign production company and director would know better.

However, in the end, she cleared that contrary to what clickbait news headlines say, this has nothing to do with Deepika Padukone or anyone else in the cast.

Well, the latest Levi’s ad features Padukone and some other women celebrating themselves. The females gave a lesson of unity in shared joy and that there is momentum when they come together.

Meanwhile, this all was deliberate as admitted by Rupin Suchak the production of e ad designer. He told that they did what the director asked them to go ahead with.

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